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Behind the solution from drawing board to execution

2Stabilise is a newly formed company that delivers the best conductor and caisson stabilisation product in today`s market.

2stabilise`s CEO and founding entrepreneur, Kjell Bjørnar Størksen, is a pioneer within polyurethane based stabilisation solutions, having worked within the field since 1999.

His associates consist of a handpicked group of employees, all with 5-10 years of experience within the field of polyurethane based stabilisation solutions working for other companies.

Skills We Use

Customer Service 100%
Objective 99%
Worth to Contact 100%

Making 2morrow Better!


Full Time Team Members

Kjell B. Størksen


Kjell has been working in the oil and energy industry since 1975. Veritas employed the 16-year-old, kicking off his career within inspection.
He is not active in the ropes today, but can claim to be the first ever certified Level 2 Rope Access Technician Inspector in Norway.
M: +47 9524 2712
E: kbs//

Martynas Aidukas

Rope Access Technician L3

Martynas is our athlete still joining tournaments. His specialty is muscles. Not only is he bright, he is very strong. Martynas is also an experienced rope access technician, and very clever rope access safety leader. He is efficient and gets things done.

Geir Berge Torsvik

HSE & Project Manager

Meet our very dedicated HSE & Project Manager. Geir is also our very best procurement representative. He is also a gourmet chef and wine expert at home. If to pinpoint anything he is not too happy with, it has to be software version upgrades.
M: +47 922 49 301
E: gbt//

Ruslan Celpanov

Rope Access Technician L3

Ruslan is a true offshore spider. Flexible and gracious movement in the ropes. He is indeed a VERY efficient and productive worker, as well as a clever rope access safety leader.

Szymon Haluszczak

NDT specialist and RAT L2

Szymon is our crew member that lives in Aberdeen, UK. He is a fantastic team builder, with great positive attitude. We know him as clever and efficient with safety and great service in mind.  Great diverse background from forestry to NDT in ropes. Always well organised and a problem solver, and we all appreciate this in our focus on getting the job done safe, properly and timely.

John Christian Herdlevær

Project Manager

John Christian is, as all of us, a faithful employee. There has been more than one job offer from our clients after completing a job. We are all happy everytime he decides to stay with us.

Sindre Nyborg

QA & Project Manager

Although he looks young, Sindre has worked in the oil & energy industry since 1998. He is our only YouTuber. If browsing for a good laugh along with a good advice or two, you may watch Sindre and his tech buddy on their ‘OldTechFarts’ channel.
M: +47 934 84 794
E: sny//

Darius Patapas

Rope Access Safety Leader

Darius is Safety Leader within both IRATA and SOFT. He is the main responsible for our rope access technicians. Already tall and strong, he reaches for new heights with no fear. Darius is our IRATA Technical Authority.

Bjørnar J Knutsen

Project Manager / Rope Access L3

Bjørnar is strong as a bear. He started his career within the fish industry, but is happy that he moved on to new waters. If he is kept in the shade and his tummy is well fed, there are no tasks in the oil & energy industry that Bjørnar will not take on with pleasure.

Elisa Parnefält Størksen

Office Housekeeping Employee

Elisa is making sure our office environment is clean and pleasant. Once a week she leaves studies and politics aside to make us happy with her smile and clean mop. We really appreciate her dedication and participation.

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