Video inspection

Internal Video Inspection – Pipes, hoses, tanks

2Stabilise perform internal video inspection of pipes, hoses, tanks and other confined spaces, ranging from millimetres to meters.

Our range of video inspection equipment and experienced video inspectors, enable 2Stabilise to access inaccessible areas, delivering high quality visual inspection results to our Clients.

Our video inspection equipment is ideal for visual inspection of:

  • Pipelines
  • Caissons
  • Steel and flexible risers
  • J-tubes and I-tubes, (with or without messenger wire)
  • Standpipes
  • Fire water pipe system
  • Mud hoses
  • Waterpipes
  • Pressure-shaft inspection on hydroelectic power plants
  • Process system
  • Offshore loading buoy hoses
  • Pig traps

All video inspections are documented with pictures and film, stored digitally.

Auxiliary light sources and camera centralisers are adapted to fit the inspection assignment.

4 main groups of Video inspection equipment

  • Push rod cameras with pan / tilt
  • Tractor camera crawlers with pant / tilt / lift
  • Bore hole cameras with pan / tilt
  • Video probe / borescope