Conductor stabilisation

2STABILISE – Preferred Conductor Stabilisation

The Challenge

Conductors and caissons are exposed to the challenging offshore environment of repetitive lateral wave forces all year round. A properly supported conductor is key for the lifecycle integrity not only for conductor itself, but also the guide, the surrounding structure, the wellhead, and associated piping.

2Stabilise 2PS

2Stabilise offers the best centraliser available in today`s market, 2PS (2Stabilise Polyurethane Spacer). A key feature with our product is that utilisation of the whole guide annulus. The unique 2PS centraliser will arrest horizontal conductor movement and prevent fretting from occurring. 2PS is the only 100% maintenance free solution on the market.

2PS Advantages

The conductor is prevented from performing the orbital movement, any movement is arrested before the conductor gain momentum. Dynamic loads and horizontal movement are reduced to a minimum. The whole guide void is used to spread the load, eliminating all point stress load. Steel against steel contact points is avoided and vertical conductor movement due to thermal expansion is accounted for.

Adaptable Solution

The 2Stabilise 2PS product is safe and effective to install, all year-round, in new and old guides on conductors, caissons, J-tubes, and pipes in general. The 2Ps product can be adapted to all guide design. Old centralizer solutions can be removed or enclosed in the 2PS.

Topside and Subsea application

While Topside 2Ps is cast directly into the guide, Subsea 2PS is 100% prefabricated onshore for easy ROV or diver installation.