…  Offshore wave-induced damage to a rig is costly and dangerous. Lateral wave movement causes impact on conductors and caissons, resulting in fatigue and fracturing.

Our solution has been developed to improve traditional techniques to reduce wave-induced damage and increase guide stability.

Wave damage intensifies from subsea to topside. The absolute best way to limit damage caused by the wave shock effect is by installing our solution subsea as well as topside.


Features That Matter

Competitors’ versus Our Solution


Steel against Steel

Steel corrodes over time. Wave forces hits on smaller areas, risking cracks in the conductor.


Other Polyurethane Products

There are competitors using similar solutions as ourselves. Our method is per today, knock on wood, still the one evaluated as best in class taking HSEQ, maintenance and cost into consideration.



The elastic Polyurethane compound is used in a way that supports the conductor the whole length of the guide.


Reduced Vibration Stress

The vibrations using 2STABILISE will, compared to traditional methods, be reduced to a noticeable level. We have several clients commenting such as, «The whole platform is a better place to work. Less noise and vibration, enhancing the environment and safety!»

Still, if required, it is possible to attach a monitoring device on the conductor to measure the difference immediately as well as if changes happens in the future.

Rope Access topside

ROV subsea

Safe First! In every installation, we follow procedures and the whole executing team is involved in the planning to avoid injuries and at the same be as efficient as possible. 

No divers are necessary as we use an ROV to install the stabilising subsea solution. 2STABILISE Subsea varies a little from topside. We pre-cast onshore, based on data input on misalignment and other material.

  • All our rope access employees are well experienced and IRATA certified. 

  • 2STABILISE AS is certified Operator with IRATA: 5067/O
  • Best effect when stabilised both topside and subsea.

Behind the solution from drawing board to execution

2Stabilise is a newly formed company that delivers the best conductor and caisson stabilisation product in today`s market.

2stabilise`s CEO and founding entrepreneur, Kjell Bjørnar Størksen, is a pioneer within polyurethane based stabilisation solutions, having worked within the field since 1999.

His associates consist of a handpicked group of employees, all with 5-10 years of experience within the field of polyurethane based stabilisation solutions working for other companies.


Customer Service 100%
Safety 100%
Quality & Environment 100%



Internal Pipeline and Confined Space Video Inspection

We’re here to help the contractor, owner, or consulting engineer with the ability to determine its condition.

Through Innovation, Hight Tech Tools & Sheer Knowledge & Experience

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A small organisation with extensive experience

Our reference list includes the largest Norwegian Continental Shelf operators as well as international territories.